About us

About us of Sun City Nails & SpaWe are committed to delivering service that promote health, well – being, comfort and beauty. Among many of our priorities are grate- A sanitation standards, client-forcused service, and superior products. To excel in a new area of nail and beauty care, we encourage continuing education. We are selective in staffing, and committed to continuously upgrading our services and facilities.

Your Health & Safety First
* At Sun City Nails & Spa, every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and protect your health.
* Be confident that our highly professional training technicians at Sun City Nails & Spa follow every preventive procedure when it comes to your well being.
Rigorous Sterilization & Sanitizing procedures.
* We believe client health and safety are first priority at Sun City Nails & Spa.
* We use the best products and Super clean.
* Each customer is serviced with Autoclave Sterilized tool, New File and Buffer.

Thank you for choosing Sun City Nails & Spa!
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